Bob Evans is not a well known restaurant chain. Well, ok, technically it is. But THIS Bob Evans is the award winning, Canadian finger-style guitarist. Welcome to his website.

So, now that you're here and apparently have some time to kill, what would you like to do? Check out some of the suggestions displayed to the right, dig in, enjoy, and drop me ... uh ... I mean him ... a note on the Guestbook page, if you have any comments or questions. (Phew! This writing in the third person is exhausting).

Salacious Details

See below for the the latest posts on videos, transcriptions and general musings about the world. Or check out the blog page Bahb's Blahg for the complete collection.

To learn more about Bob (both the short story and, if you're marooned on a desert island, the long story) go to the About Bob page.

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Mindless Diversions

Or perhaps you?ve got a month end report due in less than an hour and you're just looking for some mindless diversion to distract you from your actual task at hand.

A jigsaw puzzle or two would eat up that time nicely.

Or if you're just curious about which of the entrants in the very crowded field of Famous Bob Evans' of the World he is NOT. Then check out I?m Not THAT Bob Evans for another ten minutes of your life you'll never get back.

Recent Posts

I am teaming up with classical guitarist Brad Mahon to present an evening of music and stories for and about the guitar. We’re calling it Nylon and Steel – Exploring the Acoustic Guitar and will be doing two shows in Regina on June 13 and 14. Performing on two similar, yet distinct, forms of the… Read More »
Blackbird    October 11, 2014
Blackbird is one of Paul McCartney's little masterpieces. With my penchant for arranging The Beatles for solo guitar this is one song I couldn't ignore. Read More ...
E-Tickets    May 1, 2014
Back to Acoustic Tonic Music Store» To purchase e-tickets: Click on the Purchase Tickets beside the concert you are interested in Enter the number of tickets you want in the Qty field Once your purchase is completed, a receipt will be e-mailed to you. Print the e-mail receipt and bring it to the concert to… Read More »
Videos    May 1, 2014
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CDs    May 1, 2014
Back to Acoustic Tonic Music Store» Dr. Bob’s Acoustic Tonic A mix of vintage and contemporary ragtime-blues tunes for solo guitar and vocal. (More …) 4 On 6 Outstanding Instrumental Album 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards A collection of 12 classic tunes by The Beatles arranged for solo guitar. (More …) Currently only available as… Read More »
Transcription available Level: Int/Adv     Tuning: Drop D Includes Transcription + MP3 I‘m just sitting here today looking at the scene outside my window: a blanket of snow on the trees and ground all wrapped in a crisp temperature of -27C temperature (-39C wind chill). As I look out I think to myself, “Could there… Read More »
This past weekend (Sept. 29, 2012) my wife and I travelled down to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, for the Home of the Legends Thumbpicking Weekend. We had a wonderful trip seeing some beautiful scenery, meeting great people (inlcuding some fellow Canucks who had come down from Toronto) and hearing some fine guitar music. I also entered… Read More »
Lord Randal    November 19, 2011
Back to Transcription Listing» Listen Sorry, your browser does not support HTML5 audio. Transcription available Level: Intermediate     Tuning: Drop D Lord Randal is one of the most well-known of the English murder ballads. It is the story of a young man who has lunch with either his girlfriend or, in the version I sing,… Read More »
Maple Leaf Rag    January 11, 2011
Back to Transcription Listing» Transcription available Level: Int/Adv     Tuning: Standard If you’d like to show your support, name your own price, or enter 0 to download it for free. The Maple Leaf Rag was Scott Joplin’s first and biggest hit. This piano piece was originally published in 1899 and put ragtime music at the… Read More »
Santa Claus is Coming to Town    December 13, 2010
Back to Transcription Listing» Transcription available Level: Int/Adv     Tuning: Standard If you’d like to show your support, name your own price, or enter 0 to download it for free. Yikes! We’re already half way through December. I figure I better get this out before I slide right through the holiday season into the new… Read More »