Bob Evans is not a well known restaurant chain. Well, ok, technically it is. But THIS Bob Evans is the award winning, Canadian finger-style guitarist. Welcome to his website.

So, now that you’re here and apparently have some time to kill, what would you like to do? Check out some of the following suggestions or just scroll down this page for the latest news.

And if you have any questions or comments, do drop me … uh … I mean him … a note on the Guestbook page (Phew! This writing in the third person is exhausting).

Read his blog Picking the News for the latest news, videos and salacious gossip … okay, “salacious” might be slightly hyperbolic …

To learn more about Bob (both the short story and, if you’re marooned on a desert island, the long story) go to the About Bob page.

If you’re looking for one of his CDs, DVDs, transcriptions or videos, head on over to the Acoustic Tonic Music Store, for audio and video samples and ordering/downloading information.

Go to Shows for a complete list of upcoming performances. Or check the list at the right hand side of this page for a list of the next few performances.

Maybe you’re just curious about which of the entrants in the very crowded field of Famous Bob Evans’ of the World he is NOT. Then check out I?m Not THAT Bob Evans.

Or perhaps you?ve got a month end report due in less than an hour and you?re just looking for some mindless diversion to distract you from your actual task at hand. Why not settle in with a cup of java and a jigsaw puzzle or two over at Mindless Diversions.

Or just leave a note in the Guestbook if you’ve got any questions or comments, or just to let the world know you were here.

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