Dr. Bob’s Acoustic Tonic

Dr. Bob’s Acoustic Tonic

On Dr. Bob’s Acoustic Tonic I return to my folk and jugband roots with a collection of ragtime and blues tunes.

The album is a mix of vintage tunes from ’20’s and ’30s, by artists like Blind Boy Fuller, Uncle Dave Macon, Georgia Tom and others, and more contemporary tunes written “in the style” by myself and friends like Colin Linden, Graeme Card and Howard Emerson.

Dr. Bob’s Acoustic Tonic is also a departure from my three previous CDs in that it is a vocal and guitar based album instead of being strictly instrumental. Consider yourself warned.

Dr. Bob's Acoustic Tonic

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4 ON 6 (2007)

Outstanding Instrumental Album – 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards

Instrumental – The Beatles for solo fingerstyle guitar.

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Dr. Bob’s Acoustic Tonic (2010)

Dr. Bob's Acoustic Tonic

Vocal and guitar – a collection of classic and contemporary tunes in the ragtime-blues style.

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The Voice in the Grain (2004)

Nominated Outstanding Instrumental Album – 2004 Western Canadian Music Awards

Nominated Best Instrumental Album – 2005 Canadian Folk Music Awards

Instrumental – a collection of orginal compositions and arrangements for solo fingerstyle guitar.

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Caffeinated Coffee (1999)

Outstanding Instrumental Album – 2000 Prairie Music Awards

Instrumental – a collection of orginal compositions and arrangements for solo fingerstyle guitar.

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Killer Thriller – Gareth Pearson

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson, you’ve got to check out Gareth Pearson’s latest Youtube posting. It’s a terrific fingerstyle arrangement of Jackson’s Thriller. And be sure to check out Gareth’s many other Youtube entries.

If you don’t know of him, Gareth is a 20 year old (as of 2009) fingerstyle guitarist from Wales. Many people are aware of him from his “boy-wonder” phase where as a teenager he wowed people with his a technical ability beyond his youth and the ability to keep up on stage with the likes of Tommy Emmanuel.

Many kids go through the “boy-wonder” phase of dazzling audiences while emulating their early influences but then can’t seem to move on to the next step of finding their own voice through their own compositions and arrangements. Gareth is making that shift and is emerging as an artist with his own voice. Definitely keep an eye on him.

Six Strings North of the Border – 3 CD Box Set

Six Strings North of the Border – 3 Disc Box Set

Borealis Records has taken the three volumes of its Six Strings North of the Border series and packaged them as a box set.

This collection features 47 of Canada’s finest acoustic guitarists. It’s a great introduction to the Canadian acoustic guitar scene.

Six Strings North of the Border Box Set Cover

Please Note: Copies can be ordered directly from Borealis Records

Disc 1

  • Gordie Sampson – The Black Jigs
  • Eve Goldberg – Watermelon Sorbet
  • Bruce Cockburn – Foxglove
  • Jason Fowler – Shi Big, Shi Mhor
  • Ken Hamm & Doug Cox – Dave Macon Rag/Strawberry Creek
  • Rick Whitelaw – Bottom Dollar
  • Jean Hewson – Scotty MacMillan’s G Minor Jig
  • Thomas Handy Trio – Spring
  • Stephen Fearing – Martin’s
  • Don Ross – 3 Hands
  • Rick Fielding – Hesitation Rag
  • David Essig – Berkley Springs
  • J.P. Cormier – The Mathematician/Sleepy Maggie
  • Bob Evans – That Infernal Optimist
  • Dave Clarke – Katherine

Disc 2

  • Terry Tufts – Dorval’s Descent
  • Marc Atkinson Trio – Frederic’s Closet
  • Art Turner – Invitation To Circumstance
  • Zubot & Dawson – Wedding Song
  • Alex Houghton – Dear Peace
  • David Rogers – Dallas Rag
  • Jon Park Wheeler – Reverie
  • Dave MacIsaac – The Green Mountain Boys
  • D’Arcy Wickham – New England Rag
  • Colin Linden – In The Deep Field
  • James Cohen – The Wind
  • Martin Posen – Django Townshend
  • Craig Brown – Steeplechase Lane
  • Kristin Sweetland – Hermetica
  • Michael Jerome Browne – Guitar Mama
  • Bob MacLean – Rose of Allendale

Disc 3

  • October Browne – Waterford Girls
  • Andy Sheppard – Dragonfly Helicopter
  • David Gillis – Mr. Skippy Pants
  • Kevin Breit & Harry Manx – Curly Ray and his Brother
  • Alpha YaYa Diallo – Cette vie
  • Mose Scarlett w/ Margaret Stowe – Blue Skies / Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  • Rick Taylor – Ocean Avenue
  • Joël Fafard – Voodoo Hoodoo
  • Olivier Demers – Du haut du balcon
  • Paul Mills (Curly Boy Stubbs) – Stubbs Stomp
  • Amos Garrett – Always Got Your Hands On That Guitar
  • Bill Garrett – Birds Hill
  • Grit Laskin – Paddy Fahey’s / The Road To Lisdoonvarna / Comb Your Hair And Curl It
  • Rick Bockner – Kootnay Jig
  • Ken Whiteley – Summer Sunday Night

4 On 6

Outstanding Instrumental Album

2008 Western Canadian Music Awards

4 on 6 is a collection of 12 classic tunes by The Beatles arranged for solo guitar.

I grew up with their music as the soundtrack to my youth. Now, a half centry later, I still can’t quit humming the tunes. The melodies are so strong and the chord progressions so malleable they can easily be bent and reshaped without breaking. This makes them ideal material for arranging for guitar.

For some years I’ve enjoyed doing exactly this and I now find myself with a fair collection of these arrangements. Some of them simply try to capture on six strings the energy and spirit of the original, while others are reinterpretations. My previous CDs have featured a couple of Beatles tunes, but I decided that a CD dedicated to them would be in order. 4 On 6 is the result of this labour of love.

Dave Smith Music

" This is a refreshing and fun set of truly great songs played with a great sense of humour and impeccable technique by a true master of the guitar. Bob Evans has a quick witted sense of fun that could only be based in a warm love for the music and endless hours of playing these tunes to evolve this inspiring set of arrangements."

David Smith – DaveSmithMusic.com

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Minor 7th

"Evans, the U.S. National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion of 2003, can wring all manner of nuance from his instrument, with a surgeon’s deftness and a metronome-like sense of meter. He nicely transforms the rocker “Help!” into a quiet ballad to reflect Lennon’s heart-wrenching lyrics. “Rain” gets a moody spin and “Things We Said Today” rebirths with a new ache."

Fred Kraus – Minor7th.com

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4 On 6

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