Acoustic Guitar Pickup Review Page

In case you missed it in Doug “Gig” Young’s Musical Friends link post, Doug has a fabulous resource on his website providing audio comparisons of a wide variety of acoustic guitar pickups. If you’re in the market for a pickup, or just curious about the selection that is on the market, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Don Alder

Don is a funky fingerstyle guitarist from Vancouver. He won the 2007 International Fingerpicking Championship in Winfield, KS, the third Canuck to do so since 1979.

Don uses a wide range of techniques on the guitar, from gentle grooves (see The Wall below) to an agressive physical style that makes me tell my guitar, “That’s how I’m going to play you, if you don’t behave.” (Check out DR DR at YouTube)

Check out his tune “The Wall” on YouTube.

The Tab Pigs

Beware all ye who enter. In the fingerstyle guitar world, the Tab Pigs inhabit the soft underbelly. But if you want to know something about Leo Kottke, these are the guys to go to. The world’s biggest collection of unpublished Kottke tabs, along with some of the funniest bios on the web.

Joe Carpenter

Excellent fingerpickin’ and slide playing that rocks (check out Blind Lemon Bernie below and other videos he has up at YouTube).

Offer Joe a cup of coffee, ask him if he’s heard of Leo Kottke and tell him Trigger sent you.