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Transcriptions and tabs for some of my favourite pieces.

Take 3 – A twist on We Three Kings

Transcription available

Level: Int/Adv     Tuning: Standard


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Take 3 is my imagining of what the traditional Christmas carol We Three Kings might have sounded at Christmas time around the household of the great jazz pianist Dave Brubeck. For those not familiar with his material, one of Brubeck’s best known pieces is Take 5, a piece written in the somewhat odd time signature 5/4 time. Much of Take 3 is also in 5/4. Coincidence? I think not. 🙂

On the Tip of the Tongue Video

Well, I have finally managed to start to catch up on 21st century technology trends by posting my first video on YouTube! Can fame and fortune be far behind? 🙂

The song is On the Tip of the Tongue recorded at a recent concert in Saskatoon (… Saskatchewan … Canada ). It’s not a flashy, wowza!, showstopper; just a quiet little piece that means a lot to me.

For the guitarists out there, click here for a transcription of this piece.

Arthur McBride and the Sargeant


Transcription available

Level: Intermediate     Tuning: Csus2 ( CGCGCD )

I love the melody to this traditional song. This is my arrangement inspired by Martin Carthy’s classic rendition. There is a more common version of this tune which is somewhat prettier and more melancholy. But I’ve always felt Carthy’s more aggressive musical reading of it, especially given the nature of the confrontation, seems more appropriate.

On The Tip Of The Tongue

Transcription available

Level: Int/Adv     Tuning: Open G (DGDGBD)


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From the album
Caffeinated Coffee

Caffeinated Coffee

I wrote this for my Mom. It’s a slow ballad played in open G tuning.

It’s not a difficult tune. But as with many slower pieces, the challenge is to be able to play it smoothly so it flows. Take your time when playing it, and let the music breathe.

From the album Caffeinated Coffee.