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164 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. DickJacksdaughter

    Hi Bob,
    My name is Christine- my dad was Dick Jack. I have been going through some old reel to reels that we have had in storage for a very very long time, and many of them are recordings of your music. Is there a way we can reach you, maybe bring these pieces of nostalgia to you?

    1. Bob Evans

      Hi Christine. Thanks for getting in touch. Great to hear from you. I will send you a note offline. Your dad had a fantastic collection of live recordings of the Regina folk scene from back then.


  2. Kenny Grisham

    Hi Bob,

    Just went through your lesson on Blackbird. I’m trying to add several very well know pieces to my repritore, people seem to like that better than some of my more difficult stuff. I’ve played for 40 years and made a living teaching in my younger days. Your video lesson is probably one of the best I have ever seen. Its not a “here’s where you put your fingers” but a why and how. Great video and arrangement.
    By the way, I didn’t realize I was paying Canadian so I’ll come back and buy another piece later.


    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks very much Kenny. Yeah, my intention was to try to convey some of the thought process behind the arrangement as well as which finger goes where. I’m glad to here you’re finding that useful. I’m just getting rolling on producing these video lessons so I appreciate the feedback.


  3. Heney

    Hello mr. Evans.
    My father, who is a huge Chet Atkins fan, passed away last Friday.
    I am working on his funeral details for Saturday, March 18 at the Catholic Church in imperial sask.
    (About 80 mins from Regina on Hwy #2
    I would like to hire u to provide to provide a finger picking style of music during the mass.
    Is this something you would consider?

    If u wish to contact me by phone, my cell is 306.221.6740

    Heney klypak

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