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174 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Mackenzie2113

    Hey Bob, I work at John’s Music in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and would love if you came and did another show here. If you do, give us a call down at the store and we can sell tickets and hang up some posters for you, our number is 692-0860. Thanks a bunch.

    Mackenzie Hamilton

      1. OneMoreTroubadour

        Hi Bob, thanks a lot.. Yeah it was all around the city…there’s one building on the high side of the river, so it looked a bit higher than maybe it actually was lol..

        Well this was the most delayed reply ever. Is there a better email to get ahold of you at? I’ve tried a couple times re: fingerpicking lessons.. I want to start progressing more in a new direction!

  2. badger

    Hi Bob
    It’s really nice to see you had the nerve to follow your love of music and leave that comfortable IT job behind. Although we all missed you we were glad to see you follow your passion. We’ve enjoyed following you all these years and of course we are enjoying all your music. Listen to your CD’s often at work. Take care and all the best in the future.

  3. nodavinci

    I’ve just discovered Maple Leaf Rag! And I’m going to spend some time trying to learn it. Your version is beautiful. Thanks so much Bob. Greetings from Scotland

    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks nodavinci. I’ve had a lot of fun myself with Maple Leaf Rag since I resurrected it. Ah Scotland – my Mom grew up there. I’ve made it back to my Dad’s home in North Wales, but not up to Scotland … yet . One day though. 🙂

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