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  1. fenderamore

    Dear Mr. Evans,

    I am very appreciative of your willingness to make your arrangements free to download. This season, I’m making it a point to learn and preform some of them. (Take 3 and Silent Night. Also, On the Tip of the Tongue) The first transcription I heard of yours was “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Mr. Evans. . . it is by far one of the most beautiful arrangements I’ve heard. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to write the arrangement and make it available, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you again for sharing your music, I look forward to hearing more.


    1. Bob Evans

      Hi Jacob. Thank you. Unfortunately, because of licensing issues, I am unable to provide the arrangement for Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. If you’re trying to work it out from the video, I’ll be happy to try to answer any questions you might have. The same goes for any of the other transcriptions of mine that you may try.


  2. miecznik

    hello from Poland
    I just downloaded your music arrangements
    Your playing is just funtastic
    How long does it take to play like this?
    how do you practice?
    Have you been in Poland or Europe?
    the best
    maciek (miecznik)

    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks for checking things out, Maciek.

      I’ve been playing off and on for forty odd years. As far as practicing goes, I try to play every day, but in reality it’s whenever I get a chance (which is not everyday).

      I’ve tried focusing specifically on technique or theory, but I’ve never been able to keep at it consistently. So I tend to split my time between composing, creating arrangements and figuring out tunes by other players … oh yeah, and trying to remember the songs I already know, which is getting harder and harder every day. 🙂

      I’ve never been to Europe. I’d like to at some point. Are you familiar with Adam Palma? He’s a fingerstyle guitarist from Poland who now lives in England.



  3. dens54

    Thank You Bob, really like “The Noodle Kitchen” nice smooth tune with a few catchy grooves and hooks. I was reviewing Dune again on Y.T., when I came across your last release, it is hauntingly great…I had no idea of sand dunes in Saskatchewan they are amazing. They look as beautiful as the dunes in Glamis, CA just 2 1/2 hours east of San Diego, CA. I was very curious from a guitar-geeks perspective, what make of guitar did you use in the latest Dune video and the The Noodle Kitchen? It has some characistics of a Olsen, I couldn’t define the headstock, but it has the best sound of incredible depth in acoustic resonance, almost spellbinding. I’ve listened to high-end Taylors and McPhersons, your guitar is in a class of it’s own, just amazing, not too mention you have very good taste acoustically speaking. I will have to review some more of your crafted handiwork in other songs. Thank You Bob, you are a truely blessed and talented man. ~Dennis

    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks very much, Dennis. Yes, the Great Sandhills are a bit of a surprise on the prairies. They’re only an hour off of the Trans-Canada highway — and only four hours from my front door — but this was the first time I had visited them. Well worth the detour.

      In the Dune and Noodle Kitchen videos (as well as the most recent one, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas) I am playing a guitar built here in Regina by my friend Peter Sawchyn ( I’m pleased to hear you liked it. It’s been my main axe for just a little over a year now.


  4. Bob Evans

    Thanks Merle. Yeah, I’ve been a regular at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention since 2000. Great event with lots of great players – both on the program and just hanging out in the hall. Highly recommended for folks with an interest in fingerstyle guitar.

  5. MerleWindler

    I was searching the internet for some jazz arrangements of Christmas songs and stumbled across your wonderfully ‘light hearted feel’ arrangement of ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. If you like the Merle Travis stuff.. you might also like the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society conventions in Nashville, TN every July. Has lots of incredible Travis and Chet style players in attendance…usually including Mr. Thom Bresh… Merle Travis’ son. Really enjoyed watching your video… looking forward to trying to learn your arrangement… Thanks for the great tab 🙂

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