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174 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. greg smith

    Hi Bob,

    I love your music, especially the arrangement of “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”. Is there any way you could post the tab? Also, i’m in the market for a new guitar. I love the sound of your guitar. What brand is it?

    thanks, greg.

  2. Bob Evans

    Hi Dick. Thanks very much for the kind words. You bet. I’m always on the lookout for performance opportunities: house concerts or regular shows. I’ll get in touch with you separately to discuss the possibilities.

    Thanks for getting in touch.


  3. djwarkentin

    Just had a friend of mine gift me your CD – 4 on 6.
    I’d love to see you in concert in Calgary.
    Any plans on heading out this way?
    What would it cost to get you to do a house concert here?
    What if we booked you at a community hall?
    Dick Warkentin –

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