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174 thoughts on “Guestbook

    1. Bob

      Thanks Goppy. I also have a new arrangement of Maple Leaf Rag that includes all of the themes from the original piano piece – this arrangement just has the first two themes. I hope to post it in the near future.


  1. psiebert

    Hi Bob,
    This is Phil Siebert form Saskatoon. I did send you an email but have not heard back to am trying this. We are hoping to put on a house concert in our home here in Saskatoon at the end of October and wonder if you would consider coming out. Please refresh me as to what your charge would be.

  2. Heimo

    Dear Mr. Evans!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, songs and transcriptions.
    I love your song “Dune” – I have played it in some concerts (I am just a hobby musician) with a great response from the audience.
    So thank you again!
    Best wishes from Austria!

    Heimo Gladik

      1. Heimo

        Hello again!
        Thank you for your response – it’s a honor!
        There is another song I love really very much – “Slippery Slope” – I think, it is also a song from you.
        I have seen you playing this song in a youtube video, and I have added it to my favorites!!
        It’s great!!
        Unfortunatly, I cannot find any tabs for this song.

        Thanks a lot and best wishes from Austria

  3. Melissa

    Hello there Bob,
    Would you please send me the guitar music for Maple Leaf Rag. You mentioned that you had transcribed it from the original piano piece. Thanks so much and I enjoy your playing this piece on YouTube.

  4. uglygrizzly

    Actually I’m not a new registrant. I simply found it easier to re-register than to try to reset my password. Besides that, I didn’t want to use the old email address either. I don’t like the password that I was assigned to go with the new email address, but I don’t see a way to change it so…..?

    1. Bob Evans

      Hi. Sure thing. Once you’re logged in up in the top right hand corner of the window you should see “Howdy, uglygrizzly”. Put your mouse over that and a drop down menu will appear. Select “Edit My Profile” and then scroll down to the bottom of the profile window. At the end you’ll find a place for changing your password.

      Let me know if you encounter any problems.



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