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174 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. watson49

    Hi Bob , I’ve been listening to your cd Caffeinated Coffee .i’m trying to work on cleveland hills . any chance on doing some tabs for that tune . I’ll be the first in line to purchase. cheers Gary

    1. Bob Evans

      You’re welcome, Keith. Ah, the web makes the world such a small place, eh? Fascinating being able to find these sort of clips from across the years. What a difference in the style of reporting.


  2. treeman76

    Hi Bob, I joined your site so one day I may have the pleasure of listening to you live at one of your shows. Do you play any venues in the U.S. ? You are truly a gifted man who’s music and style brings back memories of an old guitarist I once knew and admired. I hope God blesses you with many years of blessing others with your music ! Troy

    1. Bob Evans

      Hi Troy. Thanks for the kind words.

      I have played throughout the US before, although the US is pretty big, so the number of venues I’ve played is sort of like a needle in a haystack. 🙂

      I am just getting back in to performing after what has amounted to a two year hiatus and I am starting to try to put together some dates for the upcoming year in the US. What part of the country are you in? I’ll try to keep you posted

      Thanks again.


  3. Smarky

    Hi Bob,

    Nice website, thanks. I joined specifically to get the tab for Dune, but will spend some time here looking around from time to time.

    Question – I wanted to donate some money for the Dune tab, and my wife and I dinked around for a bit trying to change the “total” amount, but could never get to a place where our card number was asked for, etc. I imagine that this issue is discussed somewhere, but I thought it might just be easier to ask. What is the easiest way to donate?


    1. Bob Evans

      Hi Stan. Thanks for dropping by. Regarding donating for Dune, that was a mistake on my part. It should have been marked as a Pay What You Want item. That would allow you to enter your own price that you’d like to pay. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve made the correction and if you’d still like to make the donation you can go back and do it now.


      1. Smarky

        Hi again Bob,

        Thanks for your quick response. When I logged back in, and went to the Transcripts section the first time, the new button was marked “Pay What You Want”. I put $10.00 in the box and clicked “Checkout”, but when I got there, the price was still zero. I logged out and back in, and now the button simply reads “Checkout” rather than “Pay What You Want”, but it doesn’t work either.

        I’ll keep checking back and trying, no hurry.

        In the meantime, the Dune tab is keeping me busy – I’m a flatpicker, and this is a handful, no pun intended. Having a good time though, thanks.


  4. Chinyere

    Dear Mr. Evans,
    I am 13 year old girl. I live in the USA. I am blown away by your rendition of Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. I am a professional jazz singer. I performed for the kids at school using your rendition of the same, (sorry ). They were amazed. I would be honored to work with you if possible even through SKYPE. Do you work with other artists?

    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks very much. I’m happy to hear you were able to make use of my music and that your performance was so well received. Good luck with your career. You’ve got a real good early start being a professional at 13.

      I primarily work as a solo artist with an emphasis on instrumental guitar music. I don’t work as an accompanist very often.

      Happy holidays.

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