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  1. rshifflet

    Bob, since last we chatted I have learned that I am a Shifflet of western VA mountains near Elkton and not a Shiplett at all and that great-grandmother was no relation to me whatever. It’s a Blue Ridge Mnt’s story of suspected betrayal, jealousy and the importance of looking like ones father, which I do not.
    There should be a song for a tune in there somewhere. Great-Grandfather brought wee son and mule teams up to haul RR ties in ND and then came up to tent-town Calgary, built a boarding house and promptly died from drinking the water. Now about that lady who was with him … she was not a Shiplett, either !

  2. rshifflet

    Hi Bob from
    G. Robert Shiplett, U Sask Regina Campus
    father of guitar and banjo player Hugh Shiplett
    uncle of JJ (Jason) Shiplett
    owner of a few guitars …
    Long-time no see; still the guy with the big head of (grey) hair …
    Fredericton via L.A. MPLS Memphis Montreal and Regina Vanc, Vic, Speedy Creek, Yorkton, Marburg, Laval
    PS still married to a lecturer met at U of R upon a return visit in ’76 ; returned ’81, ’90 …
    “Gordon”, phil/psych and folk guy

  3. Joe DeVita

    Thanks for your reply Bob. I’m really looking forward to your transcription of That Infernal Optimist. I was able to get to the end of the first section but it seems that the tuning I used does’t quite sound right. I was using D-A-D-F#-A-D with a capo on the 2nd fret and it sounds great in the beginning but not so good as I go further into the tune. Any guidance you can provide on the tuning you use for this song? In any case thanks for the wonderful music and would love to see you in person if you’re ever down in the NYC area.


      1. Joe DeVita

        Wow! That was fast…..It works so much better for the first part of the song that I have learned. I will start today on moving to the next part. Last week I had learned a song that I liked for many years, Chris Cross’s Sailing, and it used the D-A-D-F#-A-D tuning. For some reason I tried the beginning of That Infernal Optimist and it worked so good that I though that was what you used….. until I went on further and realized that wasn’t quite the one. Thank you for your help. Now hopefully I can finish learning my flawed interpretation of your song while I eagerly await your transcription. Have a great day.


  4. Joe DeVita

    Hi Bob! I’m a new fan . I found you on a TuneIn internet station La Note Picking and fell in love with your piece ‘That Infernal Optimist”. I was searching for sheet music or tabs , when I came to your website and ordered a few of your available transcriptions. Being an optimist myself, I’m hoping you get around to notating that wonderful tune some day for your site. In the mean time I like the tune so much I will have to try my best to learn it by ear and hope for the best. Keep up the great playing.

    Joe D

  5. Gary Graves

    Bob, What really led me to your site was a video of your arrangement of, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. While your videos are almost clear enough to act as tutorials, I am wondering if you have a transcription or tab of this arrangement?

    See you at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop some day?

    Gary Graves

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