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174 thoughts on “Guestbook

    1. Bob Evans

      Hi. Great timing! I just finished a video lesson for Blackbird that includes a transcription. Head on over to Transcriptions in the Acoustic Tonic Music Store (see the menu above) for details.



  1. lhgolfer

    Hi Bob,

    I just purchased Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. I know, it’s the day after Christmas. Guess I still haven’t had enough of the Merry! Your arrangement is fantastic. Thanks for such a well done video lesson. The tab is good to the eyes.

    Hoping to see you at CAAS 2017.

    Dave M

  2. Fanfoi

    Hi, Bob!
    Your interpretation of Blackbird is outstanding and the best I know of. I’d love to work on it. Will there be a transcription of it some day ? I’d love to buy it. – JMichel.

  3. mitchhamilton

    Hey Bob. Quite enjoy your music. Quick question, did you/do you play a Dean Guitar at some point/now? If so, can you tell me about it. It came up in conversation with my Uncle who is a big fan that has given you over 100 dollars(woohoo!),

    We are both guitar players too!



    1. Bob Evans

      Hi Mitch. Yes indeed. I played a Dean (Albertan model) that was my main guitar for over thirty years. It was finally starting to show the wear and tear and I retired it in 2003. I initially switched to a Larivee in 2003 and have since gone through a couple of other guitars (a Travis and the Sawchyn that I have been playing since 2011) But my Dean is still close to my heart. However, it had an 1-11/16″ neck and having moved on to 1-3/4″ necks I find it difficult to pick and play now.


  4. rentonito

    Hello Bob I have mad e the most of your tablature for guitar parts A & B for Maple Leaf Rag but am now looking for parts C & D. I would be glad to purchase them from you. Do you have those available and I am just not seeing them?
    Thank you

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