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174 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. seawolf369

    It was an absolute honor to meet you at CAAS. Your playing was awe inspiring to say the least. I love all 3 of your CD’s that I picked up and , like you, I continue to hum the fab four songs to this day, however, A Voice in the Grain is gonna be in my CD player for quite some time. I could kick myself for not getting my lazy butt out of bed for your arranging fingerstyle workshop!! I WILL be there next year! I’ll be watching for you to be in the Central Indiana area in the future.

    Thanks again!
    Chris Wolf
    Mooresville, IN

    P.S. – I love the website. I actually took time to assemble the Caffeinated Coffee puzzle on my laptop clocking in at an amazing 9 min. and 18 sec.! (thanks for leaving all the pieces right side up!) but unfortunately I acquired carpel tunnel in the process and won’t be playing my guitar for a little while.

    1. Bob Evans

      Yo Chris. It was great to have a chance to meet you as well. I’ve got several favourites from your CD as well – No Pockets is probably top of the list. Yes, you really have to roll out of bed early at CAAS to get the good stuff. 🙂 Ah well, a life lesson that you can apply next year. 🙂


  2. Laura

    Hi, Bob! I’m so thrilled to have discovered you and your fabulous playing, while perusing YouTube. Your Peter Gunn blew me away. And your humor and (earned) effortlessness made it a pleasure to watch and listen. I’d love to get a transcription of it, if you have one available. I’d love to see and hear you in person sometime, if you’re ever out West… from Southern CA to Seattle somewhere, maybe? I plan to make it to the CAS convention sometime…. not this year, though. If you see John and Becky Knowles there, please tell them HI from Laura. Thanks for your entertaining website and your music. I’ll look forward to exploring both some more. Best Regards, Laura Silverstein

    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks Laura. Stay posted for an arrangement of Peter Gunn coming soon. I’m trying to arrange some dates in California for after the new year. I’ll be posting them when i get more specifics.


  3. John L. Murphy


    We attended your concert at Ginko Coffee shop in St. Paul MN on 15 May 2009 and really enjoyed your skill and mastery. We will enjoy the 2 cd’s we purchased (even though one is a gift). Thanks.


  4. Rob Lawson

    Hey Bob, I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your guitar virtuosity. I was so impressed with your Wind River Hall appearance, I immediately purchased your cd’s on line. While I am currentley working here in Australia, I feel it necceary to play your music to anyone I can, just to show the Aussies what a great talent “the other” Bob Evans has. While I am working here in Brisbane I listen to your songs and feel not so far away from home. Thanks very much. By the way, here are three fine Canadian girls that you may like to listen to: They have appeared on CBC radio shows, occassionaly. Anyway, hope to hear you “live” sometime.

  5. Jay

    Hi Bob Great work on ‘Dune’ and thanks for posting the transcription. One tekkie question…since the song goes from Em to C, could the first couple of chords be considered Emadd9 and Cmaj7 (instead of Emb6)? Thanks again Jay

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