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174 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. southpawl

    Thanks so much for a tremendous evening of music and laughter last night.
    Hearing your music live is a sublime experience – don’t know how you do it, but you sure manage to cram a lot of “life” into “live”.
    I’m still buzzin’, and very much enjoying giving my copy of “Caff Coff” it’s first spin.

    All the best, and c’mon back to Minnedosa soon !

  2. Denny

    hey Bob: we really enjoyed having you play in Lindsay last year. Hopefully next time it won’t be in the winter..How was your trip to Japan? The guitar society here is alive and well. Stephan Bennett is playing on thurs. We hope to get a good turnout. Glad to see you’re touring a lot.Hope to see you back this way soon. Denny

  3. Sali RD

    Hello Bob,

    My wife and I saw you at the Hub in Red Deer a couple of weeks ago. It was wonderfull as always to get a chance to talk to you personally and to watch and hear you play. Thanks for the tip on the thumb pick, not that I can use it very well, but it does seem to work better for me.


    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks Richard. I’ve definitely got Red Deer on my list for future shows. Good luck with the thumb pick. I’m still busy working my way backwards from a thumbpick to the bare thumb. Diversity is the name of the game.


  4. Papi

    Hello Bob,

    The CD’s showed up in record time. Thanks for that. I expected them to be very good but they were even better than anticipated. Fabulous work! “Caffeinated Coffee” has been hogging the CD player, only because I cannot force myself to take it off. It has been years since an album has been able to capture my attention to this level. About your songs;

    “Courage of the Morning” is truly a celebration of the best part of the day, as you so eloquently put it. What a wonderful way to greet the day with such warm and rhythmic tones to lightly bounce the sun’s rays off one’s face. A song that has the ability to start something while inviting the listener to feel the need to go out and complete their day in a positive way.

    Although “Caffeinated Coffee” is the second track it could very well have been first or last tracks to either kick start the day or to bring one’s day to a proper end. No decaf, nor cream and sugar on this instrumental and one that definitely grabs a hold of the listener and does not let go until the last drop of java tantalizes their taste buds. Good to the last drop!

    “Stop Me” is not one that I know or can associate to anybody else’s song so no worries about placing a call to my lawyer. I am sure that if I did call the lawyer that once he listens to the evidence he would likely go out and order his own CD’s directly from you.

    I realize that “On the Tip of the Tongue” has a very special meaning to you as well as it does for me. As a general rule our mother’s play a very important role in our lives. If they taught us right, a mother should only come second to a good wife. The happiness a baby brings into a mother’s life is one that will always bring song to our lives and as you put it can have words sitting on the tip of the tongue. This wonderful tune will always be a favorite of mine.

    “That Infernal Optimist”. Youthful optimism is great especially when you see the bumper sticker that puts it in place, “Hire a teenager, while they still know it all”. I’m sure that we gave our parents a good run for their money as well. Now it’s somebody else’s turn. A great tune!

    The “River Song” deserves many credits as you have stated that you are able to give a title to a song and only those willing to take you outside are able to comment on what the song is about. I see a fall setting with a leaf that has completed its job as a leaf, being blown from the tree and landing on the riverbank. A tired lady bug finds comfort in the camouflage of the leaf and rests on the new found bed to enjoy some time in the sun. Along comes the wind again, picking up the leaf along with the ladybug and spins them onto the moving river. The journey has the leaf bouncing up and down and from side to side as it moves down the river. Not so taken aback by nature, the ladybug simply makes several attempts to find the highest point to further navigate. This took a while as the leaf continued its rocking motion. The leaf comes to a point in the river where it is held up by a small bunch of twigs along the bank. Up to the top moves the ladybug and onward she journeys. The leaf remains with the others simply content to find its new home in the riverbed. So, do you wanna’ take it outside? Your call buddy! Hopefully you wouldn’t hit an old guy with glasses!

    I guess I would question why a fellow your age is watching Sesame Street but after listening to the “Stallion in the Sunset” removes all reasons to ask that question. It is so easy to see the Stallion you talk about. It starts out simply standing there eyeing up nature as a stallion would. You move the beast in such a way that one almost feels as they should be sitting on the animal as it gallants off, starting at a nice clip and slowly increasing with speed as it feels the need. The sand kicks up as it moves forward. It stops as graceful as it started. Truly a fantastic piece!

    How you managed to get your logo into the hot cup of coffee steam on the cover was brilliant. Nice touch! Non-stop humor on the CD jacket is a great thing. Every time your kids are bugging you then make them read some of your humor. They may not appreciate it as much as our generation. Great stuff! Special mention regarding the all rights reserved section where you note that unauthorized reproductions are illegal but that it also causes intense insomnia. Wonderful!

    A fabulous album overall! The other pieces were great as well! I am truly looking forward to your next album in the New Year Bob.


    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks Alan. Wow! You’ve got one fine tooth comb there. Thanks for all the kind words. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

      You’re also one of the few people over the years to have commented on the steam from the coffee cup! As I said, you’ve got a “fine” fine tooth comb. 🙂

      As for watching Sesame Street, I have to confess I wrote Stallion in the Sunset some 35 years ago whilst in my early twenties. Still not quite age appropriate viewing material I guess, but not nearly as creepy as someone in their late 50s. 🙂

      Thanks again.


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