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174 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. claybanktours

    Hi Bob,
    Steve Palmer suggested we contact you about possibly entertaining at our annual Heritage Day event on Sunday June 27th at the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site. In previous years we have had Steve perform , usually 30-45 mins intervals – two or three times throughout the afternoon.
    Would you be available that day and if so what are your fees?
    You can check us out on the web at
    Programming Co-ordinator
    Claybank Brick Plant NHS
    Box 2-5
    Claybank, SK S0H 0W0
    Phone: 306 868-4474
    Fax: 306 868-4854

  2. 0109oo

    Hi bob! I am so impressed with your music that i want to buy your Albums. My friend tells me i can buy your albums on the itunes store. But i can’t search any items on that store(in American and canada store)except another”SINGER BOB EVANS” haha~. so can you give me some advice about the right website positions?I can only buy these albums on itunes…I come from china and my english is poor.My friend from the tell me he makes the interview about you and i read this’s so cool!Hope your can bring more fantastic music to us

    best wishes

    1. Bob Evans

      Hi Terry. Hello from Canada! 🙂

      Thanks for your interest in my albums. Unfortunately, because some of the songs on my albums are arrangements that I’ve created of works by other people, there are issues obtaining the digital licenses allowing them to be downloaded through services like iTunes. I am slowly working my way through the shifting legal landscape and perhaps they will be available online later in 2010.

      I’ll certainly send a note out to everyone to let everyone know when I get that arranged.


  3. JohnG61

    Bob, I am impressed with your style and technique. If you ever get to Oklahoma for a performance I would like to know about it. I particularly enjoyed the Take 3 song. It was quite good, and easy to listen to. Thanks, JohnG61

    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks John. I certainly let you know if I get down Oklahoma way. I’ve been talking with a couple of people about trying to arrange that.

      By the way, the guitar I play was built by Travis Williams of Ardmore, OK. I don’t know if that’s anywhere in your vicinity, but he’s worth checking out. You can see his guitars at .


  4. Samc450

    Thanks for sharing your “take” on We Three Kings with us. I loved seeing you play it, and allowing us to have the transcript for free is awesome! Happy Holidays!

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