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174 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Dave Marshall


    I’m delighted I came across your website!! I’m a life-long picker. I’ve published three books with Mel Bay (my only claim to “fame”). I love your style and arrangements—especially like Maple Leaf Rag.

    I plan to re-visit often,

    Dave Marshall
    Pisgah Forest, NC, USA

  2. MarckSmith

    Hey Bob,

    Great site, and thanks so much for sharing your videos and transcriptions! I’ll plan to work on the Christmas carols for next year… excellent arrangements those… heck, all of them are!

    Looking forward to seeing, hearing and meeting you tomorrow night at the Coffee Gallery Backstage. If you’ve never performed there, you are in for a treat! It is my favorite place to listen and play music ever. I’m sure you’ll find a warm welcome and a fun, rewarding experience there.

    Thanks again,


    1. Bob Evans

      Thanks Marck. I’m looking forward to playing the Coffee Gallery Backstage. I had last night off. So I went down to it to check out and caught the Hawaiian slack key guitars of Jim Kimo West & Stephen Inglis. I loved the room. Very funky. See you tonight.

  3. guitarjim

    Thanks for the video and transcriptions. I was excited to see your arrangement of Maple Leaf Rag. I’ve been working on your arrangement of “Sensation-A Rag”, if you can find the time, I’d love to see a video posting of this. Thanks again!

    1. Bob Evans

      Hi Jim. Thanks very much. “Sensation – A Rag”. Oooh. That’s one I haven’t played for a lonnnnng time. But it’s on my todo list to resurrect. And once I do I will do a video for it.
      So you must have the old Kicking Mule albums and tab books, eh? Good stuff.

  4. rickwaugh

    Hi, Bob. Do you ever come to Vancouver? Would love to see you if you do. Been working through ‘Take 3’ this Christmas, and having a lot of fun with it.

    Have a great musical New Year, and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

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