I’m not THAT Bob Evans …

Seriously,  I’m not that Bob Evans …

Fame. Isn’t it what we all wish for? Our 15 minutes in the spotlight?

Fame. The satisfaction of your name being on the lips of people around the world.

Fame. Be careful what you wish for.

Yes, I have been blessed with a moniker now known far and wide. Say “Bob Evans” to someone and their eyes are likely to light up with recognition.

The only problem is in most cases I’m not that Bob Evans.

“Alright! Aren’t you the guy with the restaurant?”. Sigh. No. I’m not THAT Bob Evans.

“Oh right, then you must be Bob Evans, the singer-songwriter from Perth, Australia! who has a bazillion videos on YouTube.”

Sigh. No, I’m not that Bob Evans. (And neither is he. His real name is Kevin Mitchell, but he has adopted “Bob Evans” as a stage name, pointing out the stature and distinction the name carries with it.)

I’m also not any of the following world famous Bob Evans that you may have mistaken me for. Feel free to peruse this list and know that in every case I am categorically NOT that Bob Evans.

The Complete Collection

  1. Bob Evans

    Chief Scientist – on the 1980’s mission that found the California Gold Rush-era sunken treasure from the 1857 shipwreck of the SS Central America

Hall of Fame

Here today-1, gone tomorrow-1. Their links are gone or they have moved on, but they are not forgotten.