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187 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. gordongrant

    Bob, was driving to the golf course and your “Noodle Kitchen” popped up on my sound system. Came home (after golfing) and looked up your site. Bought the lesson, as well as Blackbird and Christmas Time is Here. Love Guaraldi. Currently working on Andrew York’s version of Linus and Lucy. Was wondering if you had ever tackled Guaraldi’s “Skating”. If you have, any tips on how to tackle it? Some of the chording seems complex for guitar.
    Rainy season has just started out here on the Island. Hope things are drier in Sask for the upcoming harvest.
    Gord Grant
    Nanoose Bay, BC

  2. julian h

    Bob??? Bob EVANS ???? THAT Bob Evans??? The Canadian guy whose hats occasionally pop off of his head??? I am not yet so delusional as to expect you to remember anyone from years ago, out of the tens of thousands of people you encounter, but I just wanted to send you my best wishes, and hope that you are doing well. I actually bought some of your first released CDs, back in the – uh – 1940s? No, that was Fred Waring – well, anyway, I did immensely enjoy them and although they have long since been purloined, I ran across your page here and could not pass up a chance to wish you well. I hope the years have been kind to you! All the very best to you and yours,
    Julian Harper
    in the cold, flooded swamplands of Alabama

    1. julian h

      PS – just having read the twisted history of the original lyrics to “Merry Little Christmas” – which I would never had known without your guidance – I can only offer the following thought: Good God! That IS dark and depressing – “It may be your last…..” – the kind of song that, on a lonely winter’s night, might as well have a spoken interlude suggesting you find a rope and a sturdy tree, or finish off that bottle of pills and chase it with a fifth of vodka…….. Gee whillikers!!! Bring on Twisted Sister!!!

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