About Bob

The Short, Short Story

Not Just for Guitar Geeks

Bob Evans is an award winning, Canadian finger-style guitarist. He combines an eclectic mix of contemporary finger-style guitar and traditional roots music with a warm vocal style, tilted sense of humour and down to earth stage presence to provide a refreshing performance experience for music lovers in general. Definitely not just for “guitar geeks”.

You can view some sample perfomance clips here. Audio    Video

The Slightly Longer Story

He is an Equal Opportunity Performer; original fingerstyle guitar compositions, an introspective Japanese guitar piece, a Beatles standard, a Blind Boy Fuller ragtime blues classic, and a lot of other stuff in between, all have an equal opportunity of showing up in one of his shows.

“Bob effuses the melodic spirit of Chet Atkins and the fiery verve of Tommy Emmanuel with his own sense of humour here. Never self indulgent, each track is quick to the richly spirited and melodic chase.”

Penguin Eggs

He was the winner of the Contemporary Division at the 2012 International Home of the Legends Thumbpicking Competition and previously won the prestigious U.S. National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship ( Winfield, Kansas 2003). Two of his solo guitar recordings – 4 On 6 and Caffeinated Coffee – have been awarded Outstanding Instrumental Album at the Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMA). A third CD, The Voice in the Grain, was nominated for Instrumental Album at the Canadian Folk Music Awards and the WCMA.

Since returning to recording and performing at the “turn of the century” Bob has toured throughout Canada, the United States, Taiwan, and Japan. In Canada he has been both a featured artist and a host on national CBC Radio. In the US he has been a Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour featured guest.

“I consider Bob Evans to be one of Canada’s National Guitar Playing Treasures. Bob plays MELODY – great melodies – some original, some time-honoured – all concisely and thoughtfully arranged and played with an easy flowing groove. You can listen to Bob Evans’ playing all day, without fear of being inspired to inflict bodily harm on yourself or those around you.”

Randy Finney – President & Founder, fingerstyleguitar.ca

“More seasoned” members of the Canadian music scene may recall Bob from his first musical career in the mid 1970’s. He performed at festivals and folk clubs across the country and appeared on national radio and television as a solo artist and as a member of groups like The Dumptrucks and Everyday Dirt. He recorded extensively during this period, including two solo albums and was featured on two compilations of international ragtime guitarists on the influential guitar-based label Kicking Mule Records.

Bob Evans – one man, one guitar, a world of music.